PVC Processing Aids
PVC Processing Aids
ACR 401

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white powder

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Product Description 

The PVC processing aids produced by our company is acrylate copolymer. PVC processing aids is to improve the basic functions of the PVC processing performance and promote the plasticizationof mixture of PVC so as to gain the well-plasticized material at thetemperature as low as possible and improve the quality of products
PVC Processing Aids

  Mechanism of plasticization

  No matter what kind of PVC processing forms need to make the evenly-mixed PVC plasticized well.Only the even material could produce the products with a good appearance and mechanical properties. 

Compared with other general-purpose plastic, non-plasticized PVC plastic melting temperature is high, and they can get the products.But PVC is apt to decompose at high temperature.In order to guarantee the quality of PVC hardware products,we should produce at the lowest possible temperature. PVC processing aid is to increase the current and torque of the entruder ensure that the PVC at a lower processing temperature mold.So the PVC processing aids should have the following nature and functions:

  1. Melting temperature is lower than PVC. During the processing,use the melting PVC to lead to the plasticization in order to promote the plasticization.
  2. It should has good compatibility with PVC.In the processing, it conglutinates the PVC particles,increase the inner friction improve current and torque to ensure the low-temperature plasticization.
  3. Large enough molecular weigh will increase the the melt viscosity (or intensity) in order to ensure the plasticization under a high enough current,torque or pressure.


ACR 401 Additive Polymer Acrylic PVC Processing Aid
Free white flowing powder
Granularity(40 mesh pass rate)
Apparent Density
Volatile Matter
Intrinsic Viscosity