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Min. Order 25 kilogram
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Update Time 2019-12-24
Item specifics
Appearancewhite powder or granule
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Oxidized Polyethylene Wax (OPE)



OPE contains some hydroxyls in its molecular chain, which greatly improves its compatibility with polar resins, superior to PE wax in this regard. It has good internal and external lubricity, thus it can achieve better lubricating property than the other lubricants when it’s used in the formula of rigid transparent or opaque PVC products. It also widely applies to PE or PVC cables, PVC profiles, pipe as new-type plastic lubricants and can be used as raw or auxiliary material for textile softener, auto wax and leather softener.
Oxidized Polyethylene Wax (OPE)
Chemical composition:
Low molecular weight polyethylene with hydroxyl and carboxyl.
Main technical index:
Softening point (oC): 100-107
Acid value (mgKOH/g): 7-15
White or yellowy powder or granule, with good chemical durability ,soluble in aromatic hydrocarbon.
Delivery Time :We will transport the products to the  port of loading after the clients pay the full value of the invoice.
Package: 25Kg per plastic woven bag, with inner PE bag.

 In cool and draught place, no exposure to rain or sun.

Shelf time:
 12 months.



ApplicationPVC pipemasterbatch and PVC granulationwire conduitHot melt,rubber
melting point(°C)95-105110±1093-101115±5
Density(g/cm3 @25°C)0.94(g/cm3@25°C)0.940.90-0.930.95
Average molecular weight160030002500-40002500-3000