Vitamin A Palmitate Powder CWS(250,500)
Vitamin A Palmitate Powder CWS(250,500)

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Pale yellow

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Vitamin A Palmitate, chemical name as retinol acetate, is the earliest vitamin being discovered. There are two types of Vitamin A: one is retinol which is the initial form of VA, it only exists in animals; another one is carotene. Retinol can be composited by β-carotene coming from plants. Inside the body, under the catalysis of β-carotene-15 and 15′-double oxygenase, β-carotene is transformed into ratinal which is returned to retinol by the performance of ratinal reductase. Thus β-carotene is also called as vitamin precursor.

1) Product Name:Vitamin A Palmitate 

2) purity :99% 

3) Appearance:Light-yellowish crystal or oil

4)Molecular Formula: C36H60O2

5) Molecular Weight:524.87

6) CAS No.: 79-81-2


1.Vitamin A Palmitate can prevent night blindness and vision loss; it’s helpful to the  treatment of eye diseases (VA could promote the formation of photo pigment inside  eyes) 

2.Vitamin A Palmitate can anti-respiratory-infection 
3.Immune-system enhancing
4.Promote early recovery.
5.Keep healthy of organizations or organ surface. 

6.Remove senile plaques.
7.Promote healthy growth, strong muscularity, protect skin, hair, teeth and teeth gums.
8.The external use is helpful to the treatment of acne, pimple, skin surface ulcerations.