Barium Stearate
Barium Stearate

Item specifics

White powder

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Product Description

We are offering pure Barium Stearate that works as an efficient heat stabilizer and lubricant for the transparent PVC compounds. Due to this Barium stearate is used in the manufacturing of PVC Compounds, Rigid PVC Pipes & Cables, PVC Profiles & Flooring, PVC Footwear, Master Batches, etc. Barium stearate is generally used in conjunction with other stabilizers Cadmium Stearate & Lead Stearate. A combination of Barium, Zinc & Calcium Stearate can be used as a stabilizer in food grade PVC processing.

Barium Stearate Basic Information

Name: Barium Stearate
Other Name: barium stearate
CAS No.: 6865-35-6
Structural Formula:Ba(C17H35COO)2

Molecular weight:704

Barium Stearate Performance index

Characteristics            Properties
AppearanceWhite Fine Powder
Melting Point215ºC – 220ºC     
SolubilityInsoluble in Water
Moisture Content   Less than 2%.
Total Ash Content  Between 28 – 30 %
Free Stearic Acid  

Max. 2%

Barium Content

19 – 21%

Bulk DensityApp. 0.20 Gm / CC
Fineness through 240 mesh

99% passes.

Loss on Drying

2 % Max.

Barium Stearate is white light powder, density is 1.145g/cm3, insoluble in the water and soluble in benzene,toluene and other non-polar solvent.It will be decomposed to stearic acid and Mg salts when reacking with strong acids.It is absorbs moisture in air.