Stearic acid
Stearic acid

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White powder

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Stearic acid

CAS No.: 57-11-4

Molecular formula: C18H36O2

Structural formula:


Standard: Q/HYH008-2012


Properties and Uses

Properties:  lumpy, flaky, powdery or granular.

Uses: is an important chemical raw material and additive, widely used in food, rubber, plastic, cosmetics, drugs and auxiliaries.


Physical and chemical index
SAl800 typeSA1875 typeSAl840 typeSAl845 typeSAl825 typeSA8OO type
Iodine valuegI2/100g ≤0.80.61468
Saponification value, mgKOH/g206-212201-209207-212199-219209-220193-220
Acid value, mgKOH/g205-211200-208206-211198-218208-219192-219
Chroma(Hazen) ≤160120160400300400a
Freezing point, ºC54-5757-6054-57≥54≥52≥52
Moisture, % ≤
Inorganic acid , % ≤0.0010.0010.001---
C18, %38-4570-7838-45---
C16, %- -- -
Net wt., kg/bag (box)25±0.25

Note: sample a is made into a 15% ethanol solution.

Packing: paper box (lined with a layer of clean kraft paper) or polypropylene woven bag (lined with plastic bag). This paper box is reinforced with plastic bet; Net wt. 25kg or 700kg bulk bag.