Barium Nitrate
Barium Nitrate

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Product Description

1. Chemical name: Barium Nitrate Powder / Crystal

2. Molecular Formula: Ba (NO3)2

3. Molecule Weight: 261.34

4. CAS NO.: 10022-31-8

5. UN NO:1446 

6. Hazard Class: 5.1

7. Appearance: White Free Flowing Crystal or Powder

8. Specification:

99.3% MIN
0.05% MAX
0.1% MAX
IRON (Fe) :
0.05% MAX
5.0 – 8.0

9. Property: White crystal and powder. The relative molecular weight is 261.34 and density is 3.24. It can dissolve in water but not in ethanol and aquafortis. The melting point is 592¦ÏC. It will decompose under high temperature. It has the strong oxidizing property. It will form the explosive mixture if put together with organic substance. It can give out the green light while burning and explosion. It belongs to poisonous substance.

10. Application: It is mainly used to produce baryta, barium dioxide, optical glass, combustion adjuvant ,ceramic and glaze etc. and it is also used for detonator, oxidizer, green fireworks, signal flare and photoelastic sensitivity, as well as antisepsis, chemical agent, medicine and metal heat treatment etc.

11. Packing: Packed in 25kg,50kg,1000kg,plastic woven bag, or as per the buyer's requirement .

12. Notice: This product shall be stored in the place where keep ventilation and dry against rain, heated and insolation under sunlight. and this product shall not be delivered or stored together with organic inflammable substance and reduzate.