Lanthanum nitrate hexahydrate
Lanthanum nitrate hexahydrate

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soluble in water

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Brief information of  Lanthanum Nitrate Hexahydrate La(NO3)3 CAS No 10277-43-7

Formula: La(NO3)3.6H2O
CAS No.: 10277-43-7
Molecular Weight: 432.92
Density: N/A
Melting point: N/A
Appearance: Off-white crystalline 
Solubility: Soluble in water and strong mineral acids
Stability: Easily hygroscopic
Multilingual: LanthanNitrat, Nitrate De Lanthane, Nitrato Del Lantano


Application of Lanthanum Nitrate Hexahydrate La(NO3)3 CAS No 10277-43-7

Lanthanum Nitrate is mainly applied in specialty glass, water treatment and catalyst. Various compounds of Lanthanum and other rare-earth elements (Oxides, Chlorides, etc.) are components of various catalysis, such as petroleum cracking catalysts. Small amounts of Lanthanum added to steel improves its malleability, resistance to impact, and ductility, whereas addition of Lanthanum to Molybdenum decreases its hardness and sensitivity to temperature variations. Small amounts of Lanthanum are present in many pool products to remove the Phosphates that feed algae.