Sodium Bromide
Sodium Bromide

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Sodium Bromide


1 General Description
Molecular formula: NaBr
Molecular weight: 102.89
CAS No.: 7647-15-6
EC No.: 231-599-9

2. Applications:
Sodium Bromide is used as a completion and workover fluid either by itself or with sodium chloride, potassium chloride or bromide, or with zinc bromide. Its main advantage is in formations containing carbonate and/or sulfate ions which give rise to precipitation in the presence of other multivalent completion or workover fluids. Depending on the fluid composition and the required crystallization temperature, solutions of up to 12.5 ppg (1.5 gr/ml) NaBr/NaCl or 19.2 ppg (2.3 gr/ml) NaBr/ZnBr2 can be prepared.. It can also be used as water treatment in pool spa, nerve ataractic in medicine etc.

3. Specifications


Technical Grade

Medical Grade


White Crystalline Solid

White crystalline Solid

Assay (as NaBr)

98% min.

99% min.

Loss on Drying

1% max.

0.5% max.


1.5% max.

0.5% max.


0.05% max.

0.02% max.

Heavy Metals (as Pb)

10 ppm max.

5 ppm max.

Total Hardness (as Ca)

100 ppm max.


pH (5% solution)

5.5 – 8.5


4. Packaging:
Generally Sodium Bromide solid is supplied in the following packaging:
-25kg moisture-proof PP bags with inner double PE bags,
-1000kg moisture-proof big bags with inner double PE bags.

5. Storage and Handling:
Protect packages from damage and keep them well closed. Store in a cool, well-ventilated, dry and shaded area. Avoid inhalation, ingestion and contact with eyes and skin.