Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose Phthalate (HPMCP-HP55)
Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose Phthalate (HPMCP-HP55)



Hydroxy propyl Methyl cellulose Phthalate (HPMCP-HP55)

   Hydroxy propyl Methyl cellulose Phthalate (HPMCP-HP55)

 CAS: 9050-31-1




 Specifications: Conforms to standard USP27.

Viscosity cp.s32-48
Residue on ignition%≤0.2
Heavy metals%≤0.001
Free acid%≤1.0

 Physical properties:

Character: White or similar white grain powder solid,no smell,tasteless; dissoluble in mixture solution, water and methanol,ethanol and acetone, ehtanol and dichloromethane.
Particle size: 100 percent through 100mesh sieve.

 USE: An enteric coating agent is used to protect drugs from degrs dation by gastric acid or to prevent them from causing side effects in the stomach. HPMCP was developed and used originally as an enteric coating agent, its favroable properties have led to extension of its range of applications into other fields, inlcuding sustained release preparations, binders and microcapsule bases, in the above-mentioned applications.HPMCP is usually used alone, but can be used in combination with other polymers, as in the case of the sustained release preparations.

 Package: It's packed in fiber barrel and lining with 2-ply polyethylene film bag Net weight 25KG per barrel.