Benzoic Acid
Benzoic Acid
Food Grade

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white powder/granule

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Name: Benzoic Acid
Other name: carboxybenzene, phenylformic acid, Benzoicum Acid
CAS NO.:65-85-0
Molecular Formula:C7H6O2
Appearance and properties: Flake or acicular crystal
Executive standard: Q/FSHY01-2013
25KG Woven bag lined with PE bag inside
FIBC bag
Main application: Benzoic acid and its sodium salt can be used as emulsion, toothpaste, jam or other food’s bacteriostatic agent,It can also be used as a mordant in dyeing and printing.Also can be used as intermediates of pharmaceutical  and dyes’, it can be use for the production of plasticizer and spices, also used as steel equipment’s rust-proofing agents .