Polyacrylic Resin Ⅳ
Polyacrylic Resin Ⅳ



Polyacrylic resin Ⅳ

 CAS: 9003-01-04




 Specifications: Conforms to standard CP2010

Relative density0.810-0.820
Refractive index1.380-1.395
Viscosity Pa.s0.005-0.020
Alkali value162.0-198.0
Loss on drying%≤4.0
Residue on ignition%≤0.2
Heavy metals%≤0.001

 Physical properties:

Character: Noting color or slight yellow grain solid; special smell, dissoluble in warm ethanol (inner one hour); slightly soluble (inner one hour) in hydrochloric acid(9-100); but insoluble in water.

 USE: The product is mainly used as the stomach dissoluble coating material of the troche, pill, grain, and it can be to used to protect and separate coating.It can quickly dissoluble in stomach juice (PH1-4).The common pattern is 5-8% for confection of the concentration by using 95% ethanol.The rate between resin and pill is 2-3%.

 Package: It is packed in fiber barrel and lining with polyethylene film bag Net weight 10KG per barrel.