Product review


Gamma-Nonalactone; Aldehyde C-18
Product Name:Gamma-Nonalactone; Aldehyde C-18
Molecular Formula : C9H16O2=156.23
Structural Formula :

CAS NO:104-61-0
FEMA NO:2781
Flash Point:110℃
Boiling Point :243℃ atmospheric
Specification :
AppearanceColorless oily liquid
Odorfruit, dairy, orchid
Specific gravity D25250.958~0.966
Refractive Index N20D1.446~1.450
Contentmin99.0%,by GC
Acid value mgKOH/gmax2.0
Fragrance Usage: It can be widely used in the essence for the industrial products.
Flavor Usage: (only FCC) Used in coconut, peach, apricot, vanilla, maple, honey and chocolate flavors.
Packing: 200kg, 30kgs metal drum lined PVF
Storage: Stored in shade, cool dry ventilated area away from flame sources, sunshine and rain.